"Until Berg went on vacation to St. Tropez in 2008, he had never considered purchasing a boat. And then he saw the Carlo Riva-designed Feadship. And, well, plans changed. As any boat owner knows, the vessel usually has the final say over any plans. And since Berg bought Serena that has certainly been the case. Each plan — from buying the yacht to her refit to scheduling her travels — has seen alteration and change


Serena, then named Alcor, was at anchor when Berg first saw her while swimming off a friend’s yacht. So he swam over to take a closer look at the unique vessel. While treading water, he first spoke to the captain and then the owner and after five minutes the72-year-old Italian finally invited him onboard."


– From refit 2011 Invictus article 

Rembert Berg 

Owner 2008 - 2017