Rembert Berg 

Rembert Berg never planned to be a boat owner until he was on a vaction in St. Tropez swimming off a friend's boat and spotted Serena.

Invictus Article Serena 

Check out Riva De Vries Caravelle Serena in Invictus Magazine.

Feadship Refit Brochure 

Check out the refit brochure from the 2011 refit at Feadship.

Feadship Original Brochure 

Check out the original brochure for the the Ultimate Mini Megayacht.

Matt and Pam 

Pam Rorke Levy grew up in a family of designers, architects, and artists, and much of her professional life has been focused in the arts. Her partner on land and sea, Matt Brooks, has been sailing since he was a child and has many accomplished sailing and aeronautical achievements. Together, they appreciate classic yachts and preserving their rich history.