Serena’s Commissioning

January 28, 2019

The celebrants included several representatives from Feadship who traveled from The Netherlands to participate in the commissioning ceremony.

H.J. de Vries shared his memories of the boat being launched at the legendary De Vries boatyard back in 1964. Other representatives of Feadship announced that Serena will serve as the first official flagship for the Feadship Heritage Fleet in the United States. Reverend Mary Johnstone gave a benediction followed by a formal declaration of commissioning by New York Yacht Club Commodore Phil Lotz. Members of the de Vries family traveled to Newport from The Netherlands to join in the celebration.

From left: NYYC Commodore Phil Lotz, Reverend Mary Johnstone, H.J. de Vries, Ted McCumber from Feadship America, Arthur van Bergen Henegouwen from Feadship Heritage, Ico Vergouwen from De Vries Makkum where Serena was refitted, Pieter de Vries (kneeling), Pam Rorke Levy, Matt Brooks


This most recent commissioning of Serena was the latest chapter in her history as a product of the Feadship consortium. 


All Photos by Corey Silken

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